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1380142374I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation regarding the Dick Otke Construction Company (DOCC). My experience with DOCC relates to their performance in the renovation and expansion of the facilities of Faith Lutheran Church at 2027 Industrial Drive in Jefferson City, Missouri. The renovation and expansion project was over $2.5 million.

The DOCC demonstrated a very professional approach to this project and made decisions and took action as if it was their own facility. Throughout the project there was a great deal of cooperation and communication between DOCC and the subcontractors. Onmany occasions decisions were made as a result of this communication that resulted in a better end product and cost less than the original plan. Moreover, the resulting final project included many additional add-ons but still came in under budget.

It must also be said that the workmanship was of the highest quality. DOCC employees pay particular attention to detail and I think this must be a trait that the management seeks when hiring employees and when securing subcontractors. It is not surprising these traits exist after observing the outstanding performance of overall supervisor, Mr. Gary Oberkrom (Vice-president of DOCC) and of the job-site supervisor, Mr. Bruce Werner on this project.

Finally, I believe that the management of DOCC and their employees really like what they do which is evident by their actual performance and by their camaraderie as they do their work. I would highly recommend DOCC for any construction project.

Sincerely yours,
Sam Goldammer, PE
Building Committee Co-Chair

Central Ozarks Medical Center - Mozilla Firefox_2014-11-03_13-19-56I am writing this letter of recommendation on behalf of Dick Otke Construction Company (DOCC) because I may have a slightly different perspective than many of their customers who have grown to known the Company and its Principals over the years. While I have been told that the Company has been around since 1974, I have only known of the Company since the November of 2008.

The medical group I work for, Central Ozarks Medical Center, was looking to expand our clinic in Osage Beach by 10,000 square feet. With our Company being based out of Richland, Missouri, I hired an architect to assist me in screening, interviewing and hiring a general contractor. Our goal was to find a general contractor who could help us work through the “Design/Build” process — a process that needed to be expedited in order to get the facility open and to coincide with the hiring of physicians and staff. So, without having our facility designed, not having begun the entitlement process with the City of Osage Beach, and with time of the essence; we knew choosing the right general contractor was critical.

I asked my architect to assemble a list of reputable commercial general contractors from the Mid Missouri area. While my architect had never worked with Dick Otke Construction Company in the past, they were quite aware of the Company’s reputation and included them on the interview list along with two other notable general contractors. Next; the architect and I interviewed each of the general contractors. After the interviews were completed, we decided to hire Dick Otke Construction Company for the following reasons:

  • DOCC has built five medical facilities/clinics in the past three years and is familiar and Up-to-date with those building requirements and designs.
  • DOCC is a “Design/Build” contractor. We felt confident that DOCC would be able to assist us in designing a facility that fits our operational needs, provide design solutions that have worked well on past medical projects, build a fantastic finished product, and would always being mindful of our budget and cost parameters.
  • Longevity. A company like DOCC does not stay in business for 30+ years without conducting good business practices.
  • Like many interviews, in the end, we went with our gut feeling. The Principals of DOCC (Dick Otke, Gary Oberkrom, Tim Hayden, and Jason Otke) seemed like people we could to do business with.

I may be premature in providing this recommendation because my expansion is not quite finished, but I am very happy with the direction of the project. We began designing the project in mid-November, obtained grading permit and broke ground by late December, and we plan to be open for business this summer. The open communication, adept design/build solutions, and dedicated job performance that we were “sold” on during the interview; we have witnessed since executing the contract with Dick Otke Construction Company.

If you would like to discuss my recommendation of Dick Otke Construction Company in more detail, please call me at 573-692-4528.

Robert Walters
Executive Director

I have known Mr. Otke and Mr. Oberkrom for the past twenty-five years and have had their company do many projects for me. Those projects have been for myself personally, partnerships and clients of my firm.

The scope of the projects have ranged from remodeling office and retail space, to new construction of small and large buildings including office, commercial, retail, and warehouses. Some of the projects they have completed that I have been involved with are the following:

BUILDING                                                                        CLIENT/TENANT

6,500 sq. ft. office building                                      Manpower Temporary Services &AFL/CIO

26,000 sq. ft. office building                                    Mo. Gaming Commission

60,000 sq. n. office building                                     Dept. of Social Services

8,000 sq. ft. warehouse & showroom                    Phillips & Co.

14,700 sq. ft. warehouse and showroom              Corporate Express

148,000 sq. ft. retail center                                        Wildwood Crossings Shopping Center

During the construction of Wildwood Crossings Shopping Center, all of the national chains required us as owners to guarantee time schedules and budgets. Dick Otke Construction Company was complimented by several of the corporate offices for their planning, being timely, available for questions und their quality of workmanship both in the management personnel and their skilled laborers. I have a high respect for their company and will continue to use their services.

Please give me a call if you have any questions.

Larry F. Kolb
Kolb Properties

RC---Riley-ChevroletIt is with great confidence that I write this letter of recommendation for Dick Otke Construction Company and its President, Gary Oberkrom.  Riley Automotive Group has worked with DOCC for years on dozens of projects.  Our existing GM Building had not undergone a major renovation since 1992, and the time was right to invest in this major renovation and addition.  We selected DOCC as the general contractor for this 39,000 sq. ft. total renovation.  The architectural details were designed to meet the GM Facility Image Design Intent to tranform it into a state-of-the-art sales and service center.

Because our past history with DOOC, there was no hasitation when putting this large project in their hands.  We knew they would be a partner we could rely on.  From the start of the project to the concept/budget development phase, through construction, and on through the life of the building, they are here getting the job done.  This project cemented their commitment to developing a lasting relationship.  We welcome our partnership with DOCC and have built a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Their commitment to quality and the understanding of a cohesive design makes them a great partner in arriving at solutions to budget constraints, helping to meat the financial, functional and aesthetic goals of a project.  They are proven stewards of an owner’s money, steadfastly adhering to strict budget constraints and schedules.

I appreciate their dedication to getting the job done and am proud to say that each project has been completed successfully.  Most importantly has been the positive comments from our customers, they love the place!

I welcome any specific inquiries to support my recommendation of Dick Otke Construction Company.

Kevin Riley
Riley Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac
Riley Toyota Scion


Riley Automotive Group