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Wisdom Woods Prep Academy is a comfortable and secure building designed for kiddos to receive the best care. We were looking for a temporary location to open a preschool until we could build our own when we were introduced to Gary and learned that this facility was available to lease.

“It is a beautiful, warm, inviting place,” said Cindy Juckette, owner of Wisdom Woods Prep Academy. “The layout is so convenient for a preschool atmosphere. Our families have commented how nice and cozy the center is and that their kiddos love it. Our staff is amazing and love each and every child in our care. Jon and I love seeing our families, kiddos, and staff enjoy the center’s beauty inside and out.”

The 12,130 square foot building was designed with a welcoming facade in the craftsman style. DOCC provided design build services to complete this exciting child care option in Jefferson City on time and on budget. The facility features, all energy efficient LED lighting; individual room controls for the Daiken cassette HVAC system provides optimum comfort and fresh air for each age group of children; controlled entrance doors and an alarm system for added security; 1000 sq. ft. concrete block and concrete roof storm shelter for children’s safety; and plumbing fixtures to accommodate each age group as they grow. The large 8,500 Sq. Ft. play ground area is completely fenced and secured.

“DOCC is a leader in commercial construction. They have the resources and experience, and heart to build a beautiful facility where children will learn in a warm, structured atmosphere. It is a special environment where they always put the children’s comfort and safety first,” added Jon Juckette.

One of the families had this to say about Wisdom Woods Prep Academy, “It is a safe, fun, educational center with caring staff, directors and owners. The facility is unbelievable with ample toys and learning activities along with loft forts and a gym for indoor play. The teachers all have an approved curriculum so your child experiences learning time along with free/creative play. Wisdom Woods uses the Brightwheel app to keep parents/caregivers up to date with our child’s feeding, naps, potty breaks and general pics throughout the day. We highly recommend them.”

During construction, water quality bio-retention basins, controlled storm water on the site. During construction, erosion control was achieved by grinding the vegetation and trees when the site was cleared and placing it in front of the silt fencing to keep all sediment out of the creek that flows thru the lot.

The materials used lend themselves to the natural beauty of the location; from the spalted maple flooring to the craftsman style columns, it truly is a “home away from home” for the children who are cared for and inspired every day.