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Why Metal Buildings?

Metal buildings are practical, affordable, and able to reduce costs throughout all phases of construction.


Lower Insurance Rates

Steel structures are more resistant to damage from natural occurrences like storms, high winds, termites, and more!

Easy to Maintain

Whichever external materials you choose, from brick to steel panels, exteriors of metal buildings require little maintenance.

Retain Value Longer

Steel buildings stay straight and true for years to come. The sturdiness of the structures and panels help to hold the value long-term.

Personalized Builds Specific to Your Needs

One of the many advantages of metal buildings is that they can be constructed to fit your individual needs. From compartmentalized office spaces to open-air floor plans, Dick Otke Construction Company can design a build to fit.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We work hard. We work efficiently. Your job will be completed on time and on budget.

The staff worked very well with me, the project manager. DOCC worked effectively with the many subs required, therefore making DOCC my only contact. They had the flexibility to work with the project as unplanned problems may arise. In summary, they completed an excellent expansion for the us!

I have great confidence in the company and their employees. They take pride in their work and in doing a quality job. They have always exceeded and gone beyond meeting building code requirements on all projects they have been involved in. I would feel very comfortable with having work done by them on any scale.

Their quality of workmanship, honesty and integrity stood out above the average contractor.

As a result of that experience we selected Dick Otke Construction as a partner.

It is a pleasure to work with a company that is not only competent but has the highest standards of integrity and honesty.

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